TU BE’AV VIDEO ART at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque

Ecstatic Symphony will be screened at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque as part of their Tu Be’Av video art exhibiton, August 2016.


Two of my videos, Kleinzeit by Sephirot and Dark Soleil were shown at the International Tachyons+ User Exhibition, as part of the Synesthesia Festival in Portland, USA.

Interview in Berlin-based KALTBLUT MAGAZINE

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD - 100 Days of Active Resistance - Day 77

My photograph "Kiosk, Berlin 2009" has been selected to be one of 100 photographs chosen by Vivienne Westwood for her 100 Days of Active Resistance online project and itinerant exhibition in 2011.


Photos from the Festival, at the National Art Centre in Tokyo, February 2010.

LE POLYEDRE French art & lifestyle blog



Screening of Leçons de Français as part of the Japan Media Arts Festival, 6 Aug-3 Oct 2010, Istanbul, Turkey.

Next screenings of LECONS DE FRANCAIS

Japan Expo, 1-4 July 2010, Parc des Expositions, Paris.
Media Arts Forum, 23-25 July 2010, Osaka, Japan.
Hiroshima International Animation Festival , 7-11 August 2010, Hiroshima, Japan.
Culture and Arts Project NOASS, 3-5 September, Riga, Latvia.
Japan Media Arts Festival Kyoto, 2-12 September, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan.


Screening of my video Ecstatic Symphony at the “The Man who Fell to Earth” video art event, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, August 2016

Starlight Cinema Presents: DIGITAL REALITIES, March 2015

Ecstatic Symphony will be projected by the Wisconsin Union Directorate Film Committee at Wisconsin University, showcasing the new world of sensory possibilities in digital video graphics today.


I have finally uploaded a pic of this winter's Sleek Magazine article... Many thanks to Sophie from Berlin for the scan while I'm waiting for my copy...

I Heart Photograph

My latest photography project Family Dinners in Szczecin, Poland 78-08 is on this great art & photography blog

Interview with Johanna Reed

Johanna Reed interviewed me about Ordinary Show on her contemporary art blog This is That.

Ordinary Show is on RHIZOME 

Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.

Bien Bien Bien

Cool art and culture website from France, which features an article about my work.

WITHOUT WORDS Film Festival 2014

Ecstatic Symphony has been selected to the "Digital Superimpositions" themed Without Words Film Festival in Metz, France, Nov 2014.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD - 100 Days of Active Resistance - book out now!

The printed conclusion of Vivienne Westwood's 100-day photographic project in which I took part with my photo "Kiosk, Berlin 2009"


Leçons de Français will be screened at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival, 3-14 February 2010, at the National Art Centre in Tokyo. Japan Media Arts Festival website

FILE 2009 - Electronic Language International Festival

A couple of  images from the festival...

Ordinary Show is on BEAUTIFUL DECAY

Ordinary Show is featured in the online version of Beautiful Decay, an art and design publication showcasing emerging and established contemporary artists. Beautiful Decay.

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival 2014

My video Ecstatic Symphony has been selected in the Video Art section of the FILE Festival 2014 in Sao Paulo, Aug 25 - Oct 05 2014

Dazed & Confused RISE photographer

Interview about my photography work on Dazed & Confused's Dazed Digital website.

XI MEDIA FORUM - Moscow International Film Festival

Leçons de Français will be screened at "Media Forum", the avant-garde section of the Moscow International Film Festival, as part of the Best of Japan Media Arts Festival, 19-23 June 2010. Media Forum


Family Dinners, Szczecin, Poland 78-08 will be featured in the next issue of Berlin based Sleek magazine for art and fashion, whose theme will be "Eat/Feed". Sleek Magazine website

FILE 2009 - Electronic Language International Festival

Ordinary Show has been selected for the FILE Media Art section of the festival, which will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 27 July - 30 Aug 2009. File website


International exhibition of animated GIFs at the Detroit Gallery in Stockholm, 6-15 February, 2009.