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Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Israel


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Vanessa Ilana Louzon is a French Israeli artist. She studied at the Royal College of Art and the London College of Communication in the UK. Vanessa works with video, photography, digital collage, visual programming, video projection, drawing, and whatever medium she finds inspiring. Her work has been screened and exhibited in London, Paris, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Stockholm... She now lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Royal College of Art,
MA Communication Art and Design,
London 2002-2004

London College of Communication,
BA(Hons) Graphic and Media Design,
London 1998-2002


MECA “Revolução artístico-digital”, 2020
Le Polyedre, 2013
Kaltblut Magazine, 2013
France Inter Anti-Buzz, 2013
Tribe Magazine, issue 13, 2013
Asia Art Pacific, 2013
L'ADN, 2012
Vivienne Westwood 100 Days of Active
Resistance Book, 2011
Dazed & Confused RISE, 2011
Sworks, 2011
We Make Money Not Art, 2010
13th Japan Media Arts Festival catalogue,
Sleek Magazine, 2010
12th Press, 2009
Ecrans, 2009
Bien Bien Bien, (in French) 2009
I Heart Photograph, 2009
P45, 2008
Beautiful Decay, 2008
Rhizome, 2008
Green Neon Light, 2008
This is That, 2008
Cent Magazine, 2008
Cent Magazine, 2007
Cent Magazine, 2006
This is a Magazine, 2005
Marmalade Magazine, 2004

"The Man who Fell to Earth" video art screening,
Tel Aviv Cinematheque,
Tel Aviv, 2016

"Tu be'Av" video art exhibition,
Tel Aviv Cinematheque,
Tel Aviv, 2016

"Digital Realities", WUD Film Commitee,
Wisconsin University,
Madison, 2015

International Tachyons+ User Exhibition,
Synesthesia Festival,
Portland 2015

FILE 2014 - Electronic Language
International Festival,
Sao Paulo 2014

"Digital Superimpositions",
Without Words Film Festival
Metz, 2014

Vivienne Westwood 100 Days
of Active Resistance, 2011

13th Japan Media Arts Festival,
Tokyo, 2010

Share Festival, Piemonte, 2010

Pera Museum, Istanbul, 2010

Media Arts Forum, Osaka, 2010

Hiroshima International
Animation Festival,
Hiroshima, 2010

Culture and Arts Project NOASS,
Riga, 2010

Japan Media Arts Festival
Kyoto Art Center,
Kyoto, 2010

Japan Expo,
Parc des Expositions,
Paris, 2010

XI Media Forum - Mosco
International Film Festival
Moscow, 2010

13th Japan Media Arts Festival
National Art Centre,
Tokyo, 2010

FILE 2009 - Electronic Language
International Festival,
Sao Paulo 2009

"The First Annual Detroit
GIF Group Show",
Detroit Gallery,
Stockholm 2009

"Je t'aime moi non plus",
Kagami Private Contemporary Art Club
Paris 2006

"The Lion's Den", Circus Gallery
London 2006

Royal College of Art Communicatio
Art and Design degree show,
London 2004

"Spread the Word", Hockney Gallery,
Royal College of Art,
London 2003